Presentations Annual Meeting are Online!

29th of March 2017
Last week, the annual meeting was a succes. We thank all ±160 attendants for making this meeting a succes!   Read more...

Room 417

22nd of March 2017
The VvS+PR Annual Meeting is held in Room 417 of the Jaarbeurs (Beatrix building).

General Members Meeting Documents online!

12th of March 2017
To see the documents, make sure you have your login information. Please find the documents at: Read more...

Nieuw administratiekantoor

5th of January 2017
Per 1 januari 2017 werkt de vereniging samen met een ander administratiekantoor. Voor vragen of informatie over lidmaatschap, contributie, en andere zaken betreffende de vereniging, graag contact opnemen met:  VvS-OR, Postbus 1058, 3860 BB  NIJKERK, Tel: 033-2473408, e-mail:

Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders - call for abstracts

20th of April 2016
Submit your abstract and participate to the Second Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders, that will be held in Budapest, 20-21, October 2016. Read more...

Werk mee aan internationale normen voor statistische methoden voor Six Sigma, QFD en SPC

18th of December 2015
Voldoet mijn product aan kwaliteitseisen? Hoe kan ik mijn processen efficiënter maken? Sluit mijn product aan bij de wensen van de klant of andere stakeholders?   Read more...

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You are on the homepage of the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VvS+OR). A learned society and a professional organization of approximately 800 members that unites those engaged in the fields of Statistics and Operations Research, from areas of application to fundamental research. Please take a look around on the website and become a member if you are interested!

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A word from the president

Dear reader, 

2017 has begun and soon, on the 23rd of March, we will celebrate the annual meeting of our society. In the preparation of the organisation of that meeting, the daily board of the VvS+OR took the initiative to meet with the boards of the individual VvS+OR sections as well as with societies dedicated to statistics and OR that are not part of the VvS+OR (e.g. Chemometric Society and Dutch Society for Ordination and Classification). The agenda for these meetings was as follows: 1. What does the section want to achieve, what are its main objectives?; 2. To which extent can the section achieve its objectives on its own, that is, independently of the VvS+OR?; 3. How can the VvS+OR help the section to achieve its objectives, does the VvS+OR have added value for the section?; 4. What should be the objectives of the VvS+OR in the near future? As can be read, the meetings were intended to clarify the role of the VvS+OR in relation to the sections and other societies. 

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10th Conference on Extreme Value Analysis

26th of June 2017 - 30th of June 2017 Read more...

Disagreement percolation for marked Gibbs point processes

TU Delft, Faculty EWI, Mekelweg 4, Room D@ta.
27th of June 2017 - 27th of June 2017 | 12:45 Read more...

The State of the Art in the Use of Expert Judgement in Risk and Decision Analyses

Ampere Hall, EWI building, TU Delft, Mekelweg 4.
3rd of July 2017 - 5th of July 2017 Read more...

Workshop in honour of Arnold Janssen

21st of July 2017 - 21st of July 2017 Read more...

The tenth Stochastic Activity Month

EURANDOM in Eindhoven
4th of September 2017 - 8th of September 2017 Read more...

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